As minhas lágrimas são de dor,

E caem nas palavras que escrevo,

Esborratam no papel toda a cor

Fica enrugado, ganha relevo.


As lágrimas são também de amor,

E caem nas memórias bonitas,

Afogando o antigo râncor,

Jorram… infinitas…


As lágrimas são silênciosas,

Furtivas, caem dentro de mim,

Num toque ácido, dolorosas,

Jorram… sem lhes ver fim…


As minhas lágrimas são nostalgia,

Dos tempos ao teu lado…

Pintam essa gloriosa fantasia

De um tom triste, escurado.


As lágrimas são da maior diversidade,

Quando puras, são destiladas na mágoa.

É pena… quando choro de felicidade,

Parecem ser só gotas d’água.



Inspirado pela minha querida Florbela. Que um dia escreva poema digno de lhe louvar.


4 thoughts on “L Á G R I M A S

  1. I copied your poem into a translator, this is how it translated into English. I knew Lagrimas meant tears. I think despite losing the rhyming, it is still a very powerful poem and I enjoyed it. Vale a pena louvar


    My tears are of pain,

    And fall into the words I write,

    Smears on paper any color

    It gets wrinkled, it gains relief.

    The tears are also of love,

    And fall into the beautiful memories,

    Drowning the old rut,

    Well … infinite …

    The tears are silent,

    Stealth, fall into me,

    In an acid touch, painful,

    Well … without seeing them end …

    My tears are nostalgia,

    Of the times at your side …

    Paint this glorious fantasy

    A sad, dark tone.

    Tears are of the greatest diversity,

    When pure, they are distilled in sorrow.

    Too bad … when I cry with happiness,

    They seem to be just drops of water.


    Inspired by my dear Florbela. May one day write a poem worthy of praise.

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    1. Can’t say it’s a bad translation, although some things are a bit broken (as they should be, languages are weird that way). Except the last quartet, it sounds a lot better than I anticipated.
      Awesome! Thank you Kris!

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