Este poema foi um projecto um tanto estranho. O desafio foi descrever como me sinto quando me vejo ao espelho, em quatro quadras (poesia da sorte!), daí o narcisismo poético. Decidi levar a coisa um pouco mais longe e tentar fazer três estrofes dísticas, correu melhor do que esperava. 


Sou um rio seco, desertado,

Onde água não corre nem brota,

Sou um lago Invernal, congelado,

Uma superfície prateada e morta.


Sou o frio que assalta a alma,

A neve que pesa nas árvores, calma,

Letargia que dói em cada movimento,

A visão violenta de corpos no pavimento.


Sou a sombra fria e escura,

Brisa que tudo tira na sua secura,

Sou o primeiro filho do gelo cortante,

Lâmina d’água endurecida e radiante.


Sou as palavras poéticas na penumbra;

     A brancura gélida que se vislumbra

     De longe sem calor nem senão,

     Sou a última nota silênciosa da canção.



11 thoughts on “T U N D R A

  1. Translations are never perfect, but even in translation it moved my soul:

    I am a dry, deserted river,

    Where water does not flow nor spring,

    I’m a winter lake, frozen,

    A silvery and dead surface.


    I am the cold that assaults the soul,

    The snow that weighs on the trees, calm,

    Lethargy that hurts in every move,

    The violent sight of bodies on the pavement.


    I am the cold and dark shadow,

    Breeze that takes everything in its dryness,

    I am the first child of the cutting ice,

    Hardened and radiant water blade.


    I am the poetic words in the gloom;

          The freezing whiteness that glimpses

          From afar without heat or otherwise,

          I am the last silent note of the song.

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      1. It doesn’t seem to include Portuguese, although his knowledge of Spanish and Italian probably suffices to get a grasp! I’m not sure about the viewpoint from other languages, but to us it’s really easy to understand other romance languages.

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      2. His is a professor of Portuguese and Spanish. This might help to see his proficiency: LANGUAGES
        Spoken with native or near-native fluency, high level of cultural knowledge:
        American English (native)
        Castilian Spanish (Ministerio de Educación de España “Superior” rating)
        Continental Portuguese (ACTFL “Superior” rating)
        Spoken / written with moderate fluency, some cultural knowledge:
        Continental French
        Galician (reading knowledge, some speaking ability)
        Limited knowledge of language / culture:
        Classical and Modern Standard Arabic
        Mandarin Chinese (spoken only)

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