ANACHRONIC (english poetry)

More truthful to my less romantic (yet a lot more existentialist) poetry, and a lot more similar to my portuguese work, I’ve wrote this one. Not sure what to think about it.




5 thoughts on “ANACHRONIC (english poetry)

  1. It’s interesting that even as perception that time is regarded as a 2 dimensional constant, maybe when we get over how feel about time we will be better able to understand it rather than assume that we do simply because we have assigned some rough numerological metre to it. Poetry makes us wonder once agaon what time is.

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    1. Well, the nature of time as a force is not outside our grasp of understanding. It’s the effects of such force that play a poetic role in life, for better or for worse, often worse. The perception of Time itself is not presented, rather, a mere vision of one of its many sides.
      I recommend Joachim du Bellay’s “Ruins of Rome”, amazing poem about Time.

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