PARADISE (english poetry)

I’ve seen plenty of mental health poems around here, I’m starting to feel my written work is a bit distanced at times. Here is a poem about my struggles with depression:

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 17.44.47

It’s short, but heartfelt.



21 thoughts on “PARADISE (english poetry)

  1. Dear Johnny, I’ve been waiting for your poetry. Glad you posted it.

    When we learn how to deal with depression, when it is domesticated, it can somehow inspire us — like the paintings of Dürer.

    And, please, keep on turning it into poetry.

    Best wishes,


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    1. Ah, Cunha. Mine is so domesticated, I can barely draw from it. I still have so many surreal works from that time. Those poems will remain locked for eternity, haha.
      Thanks a ton for your support, as always.

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    1. I know Karen! I loved your poem “Isolated”, I haven had the time to fully explore your work, but I’m sure to do it soon!
      I’m also very fond of the natural world haha. Helped me tons!

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  2. I really enjoyed this poem. I think instead of ‘dwelve’-the word in the first stanza, I think you mean to put the ‘delve’, which means:

    ‘research or make painstaking inquiries into something.’

    Your poetry seems to translate wonderfully, I’m always interested in how languages translate into English, where there are so many double meaning words, if not triple meaning!

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    1. Thank you! I’m really dumb for not using grammar check, and then I do stuff like this. I will correct it as soon as I get home.

      From what I’ve seen, it does translate well. I’m still trying to find the time and try translating them myself.
      Thanks a ton, again!


  3. Great poetic expression!
    I am no stranger to depression. It is definitely an unwelcome intruder. I pray for you, as I have for myself, divine release. And as you wait and hope for better days, keep up the good work in recording your thoughts and feelings in poetry.

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