16 thoughts on “BLOOD TIDES (english poetry)

  1. The summation couplet at the end is really powerful. Your poetry has a calmness to it-that very calmness allows the words to really flow nicely-and that calmness is also represents a solemn understanding of the topics you write about (the observation of human nature/existentialism). It’s really pleasant, and I really enjoy reading your stuff.

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    1. Thank you millions!
      I’m trying to cultivate this specific writing style that is very my own, but it’s complicated sometimes, clinging to the belief that what you produce can actually be of worth.
      I’m really thankful for those words.


      1. You’re most welcome, I really do mean it, I enjoy what you write. I think out of a blind arrangement of random poetry, your voice and style would ring out.
        It is very complicated. Unfortunately, you are not the judge of the worth of your work-and that is something I need to understand, myself. I think you did what any poet strives to do with your poem-you genuinely affected another human in a way that only poetry can.

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  2. i found the contrasts in the third and fourth stanzas very sharp in this poem: blood running calmly in catharsis, complex minds of simple artists, roses atop prisons; this is a moving description of one facet of the human experience. we feel so strongly even as we tamp those feelings down. and the last two lines, they are heavy, and i have to admit that i’m having to work a little to unpack them–do you mean that in the creation of ideas/thoughts/feelings that may be completely imaginary, an artist is doomed? as always, i find your poetry very engaging!

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    1. The two last verses wrap around the remains of the poem.
      Blood tides are an allegory for the studying of Arts, and how the frenetic artists had little else than aesthetics to offer. Yet I find peace in the simplest. The folks people, the tales, the simplest forms of art. Those who do not claim to see more where there isn’t more.
      Lastly, I believe an Artist sells his/her creativity away once they give into feelings and experiences that are absent, effectively disowning their art of its genuine expression.

      Thanks Mariah, as always!

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