Chaotic Challenge #1

My dearest Mariah, a fellow poet of most pristine poetic development and ability, took upon my challenge to compose a piece respecting the rules of Chaotic Order, and she did such a wonderful job:

Lavender and lime

On heady notes of lavender and lime

Bucolic afternoons do find their home,

So comfortable, we dare not think to roam

In clouds, we note unhurried flow of time;


Revel, my darling, in this sweet embrace

As cheek to ear and arm in arm we doze,

The blaze of sun does complement our pose

You turn, and it illuminates your face;


The grass beneath us will not dare to grow

Lest it disturb our tending to the birds,

We whisper, laugh, we utter loving words

And still at nature’s wondrous summer show;


It’s bittersweet, for we are in our prime

And succulent a moment as it is,

I sense the sadness of this fleeting bliss

On heady notes of lavender and lime.


In reply, I had to do a somewhat structureless version of her poem. I clearly didnt do as well as she did, and I’m so green at this, but here is my shot:

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 12.44.51.png

I urge you all to check out Mariah’s poetry, she is truly incredible, infinitely talented in her summons of verse.



9 thoughts on “Chaotic Challenge #1

  1. again, a million thanks, johnny, for sharing my poem! your rendition latches onto the aspect of time so well and you use such marvelous phrasing to describe how desperately we cling to moments of bliss. let’s do this again sometime if you’d like: maybe you can write a structured poem and i can free-verse it?

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  2. oh, by the by, johnny: on the ‘reader’ feed, lavender and lime shows perfectly, but on your caliath website, i think the contrast doesn’t come through so it’s practically invisible, at least to my myopic eyes (just a technical note since you may not have noticed)


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