9 thoughts on “INCUBUS (english poetry)

  1. You may not like this one, friend, but it is POWERFUL and something many need to see that others understand. I have been in that war zone. And you express it so very well. Thank you for this work.

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    • Thank you so much, I’m glad that you connected with it on a personal level. I did write it out of experience, yet those are (strangely and usually) my most hated works, for obvious reasons.
      Again, many thanks my friend.

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  2. This is a much needed poem and it is about the unseen supernatural. The Incubus Succubus demons are attacking all too often. I am confused why an Incubus would attack you, a man, they usually only interested in sexual encounters with women. Where as Succubus is a female demon interested in men. Though reading the battle you had it was a demon. Well done, more people are affected by demons than they would admit.


  3. Amazing work as usual Johnny! What I find amazing is that sometimes it is the “unreleased” work, or what we as writers perceive to be not as good, others read it and are amazed! Just ask rappers Nas or Kendrick Lamar! They both released “unreleased” albums of raps and poetry. This is great work my friend! V.R.

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