AETHER (english poetry)

Took me five hours to translate this poem, I’m exhausted, why do I use so many ancient words in portuguese. And it isn’t even that complex really.

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 23.37.24.png



21 thoughts on “AETHER (english poetry)

  1. Because the old words have more depth of meaning to those who know. And because by using them, you know only those who feel the depth of meaning will understand what’s below the surface. But then, that’s why I us go back to the roots of my own language. ❤ Because the older the word, the more powerful it can be. [Though I have no intention here of speaking for you. I share how I would have answered your question WHY DO I USE SO MANY ANCIENT WORDS.]

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    1. You are correct, but it’s a pain to translate, mostly because most of them don’t even have a direct translation, just a different equal, which breaks the coda structure that Portuguese shares with English, requiring me to rebuild a new from scratch. Meh, helps me improve, I suppose. 🙂

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  2. i echo all those above comments–so glad that we can enjoy your portuguese poetry now that you’re translating it. the contrasts you write are so stark and rich, and the relative simplicity of english language (perhaps in opposition to the ancient language of the original?) that you’ve used here is refreshing. lovely!

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    1. I cannot really match my English poems with the language of my Portuguese works, since I don’t know English all that well. I get by, essentially, sometimes even pass for someone that masters the language haha, but it’s not the case. Thank you Mariah!

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