HOSMOSIS (english poetry)

My sexuality has always been a dodgy topic among my art creation. At times, I was uninterested in using it as fodder for poems, at others, I couldn’t find poetic fodder to feed a poem worthy of contemplation.

Among a plethora of failed attempts at doing so, I did draw a composition that would eventually become “HOSMOSIS” (quite proud of the title, to be honest here). Being gay was never something I considered integral part of me, until I faced the reality of loving someone in a displayed fashion, as well as the reactions that would prompt. Thankfully, it didn’t only prompt bad reactions, it also prompted this poem, once of the few I can say I genuinely like and feel proud of.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 22.04.59.png

Also, officially the 50th english poem published on the blog. Thank you so much for allowing me to continue.

With a lot of love,



24 thoughts on “HOSMOSIS (english poetry)

  1. Dear Johnny!,

    Your poetry is out of this world and your sensibility illuminates the darkest corners, indeed.

    The fiftieth english poem published?! Congratulations! Now you need to set up an anthology — a treat for your readers.


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    1. Obrigado, mas antologias são para autores.
      Eu sou só um rapaz.
      És sempre um amor, Cunha. Tenho de te responder à carta, mas tenho encontrado uns dias ocupados, brevemente meu caro, brevemente!

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  2. I read your line of tears of blue ink to my wife, because I thought this poetry shoes such flair. Though my wife and I are devout Christians, we send only love, never cruel hate. (if that is what the ending refers to) Keep writing poetry, and thanks for following.

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    1. Oh thank you!
      The ending does not refer to Christians, in fact Isaiah, here in Portugal I was part of a volunteer group of 30 Christian kids, we did everything, from helping others to pilgrimages. They all knew what I was and not once did they treat me poorly.
      Thank you Isaiah, it’s a pleasure to have you around!


  3. dear johnny, this is all at once gorgeous, sensual and bright. i agree with pr cunha that it would be lovely if you put together an anthology, even if only for those of us who already appreciate your work!

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  4. Every time that I read your latest poem, I think to myself that it outshines the one before – but this is undoubtedly my favourite so far. The imagery is so beautifully chosen, and it’s simply dripping with emotion. I love the rhymes that you’ve chosen, and how heartfelt this was. xx

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  5. Very nicely done, Johnny! I love your imagery and conviction, particularly at the end… “I drink what I am…” and “I love what I see – the man my dreams couldn’t create.” Absolutely stunning. Pax Christi.

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