MELANCOLIA (english poetry)

I believe that there isn’t a single poet in history that hasn’t composed about melancholy, it’s a feeling so natural to artists in general. Or even people, it feels very humane to miss. Of course, being the uncreative Johnny I take such joy in being, I had to compose my own take on melancholy with my specific “drawn out” style I’ve been recently nurturing. Anyways, I hope you see something new in this!

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 11.48.46.png



7 thoughts on “MELANCOLIA (english poetry)

  1. you are right, melancholia is not a new idea, but worthy, and you surely give it a rich and delicious coating that compels me to re-read and savor the phrases multiple times. i am taken with the vocabulary you use, johnny–i learn new words in my native language when i read your poetry.

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    1. I tend not to use very far out words, the last I remember using was “halcyon” on the painting poem, I don’t even know how I know it.
      Oh, and phantasy, I love the ancient spelling of that word.

      Anyway, thanks Mariah, as usual, you’re awesome!


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