WINDSWEPT (english poetry)

A bit messy and all-over-the-place, this one is another experimental work. I’m trying this “therapeutic poetry” thing, hence why I haven’t published, I’ve been doing it mostly in Portuguese. This one, however, I liked. It’s not great but I hope you gather something from it.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 19.22.32.png



18 thoughts on “WINDSWEPT (english poetry)

    1. I drink a lot of whiskey haha, it’s pretty much the only alcoholic beverage I drink besides beer.
      I dunno if there was meant to be another comment, but it didn’t get here :S


      1. no, no other comment, sometimes an ellipsis is how my brain forces,me to edit out the nonsense in my own head before commenting. oh, and cheers, or as they say here in finland, ‘kippis!’

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      1. Well, I believe each stanza here captures a different feeling, and it speaks directly to anyone that understands the strains of this new world we live in.
        I’m glad it resonated with you, it means a ton to me!

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  1. Therapeutic to write, I guess, therapeutic to read, definitely. It’s not only me 😉
    It’s like watching a violent storm in your favourite landscape, anger trying to control itself – dangerous to mere mortals yet somehow art writ very large. The penultimate stanza is the sign of our times. It’s real stuff, it’s telling it as it is, it’s what bards used to do and should do still, any language, all languages. The human race – to where? Why so much whiskey in the world’s jars?

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    1. Yes! Yet, I’m not hopeless for the connection I yearn from my fellows. If anything, I’m as susceptible to these ailments as anyone else would, I just take the toxicity and filter it into these works. As many people do, in fact, little is unique in that regard.
      I’m happy it was soothing to you, thats always what I try to be, regardless of the subject at hand. Thank you, as always.

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