6 thoughts on “EMISSION: ORION

  1. Johnny, your poetry is an experience of bliss. I can’t help but think if I could read Portuguese, it would somehow be even more sublime. Like I can’t use Korean for my poetry at all, in spite of it being insanely easy for rhyme schemes (were I to *enjoy* or *use* rhyme much in my work). Some day, my work will take someone’s breath away as yours so consistently steals mine. Thank you for the efforts you go to.


    1. Oh… thank you so much.
      Such kind words.
      It isn’t much of an effort, I love doing it, but it melts my heart to have someone appreciate it, truly. It means everything to me.
      2 months ago I couldn’t fathom having someone ever read my poetry, and now, here we are. I so very much appreciate you.

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      1. I wouldn’t have shared my poetry with anyone ever if it weren’t for being childhood friends with Sarah Avery. She didn’t laugh. She smiled. And now she writes beautiful fiction and is published. 🙂 I am not. But I don’t really want to be published traditionally. I’m a control freak when it comes to my art.

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      2. Noah, your sincerity is so charming.
        I dream of one day being published, but I’m afraid it might not happen. I work as hard as I can though, and I try to improve as much as possible.
        I’m only 22, so who knows, maybe one day!

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      3. Feel free to call me Toad. Not very feminine sounding to most, but it’s mine, and I honor it as the gift from my grandfather it is.

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