DESTINO (english poetry)

Apologies for the verses in Portuguese, this started out as a poem in my native language, and then morphed into english, so I just scattered around the verses.

The translations are as such:

“Que se ame a eternidade na beleza de sua verdade…” – May eternity be loved in the beauty of it’s truth.

“Que no traço do Tempo, não existem estátuas sorridentes…” – That in the trace of Time, there are no smiling statues.

“Até as redes do momento já se apertam nos braços…” – Even the nets of the moment already tighten our arms.

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26 thoughts on “DESTINO (english poetry)

    1. Oh thank you, that is very sweet. I truly don’t consider myself more than just a hobbyist poet but I’m glad you see me as more.
      As for tips, I truly don’t know. I’m a structure freak, and that usually keeps me on my toes when I build a poem, but a lot of people just write their hearts out!
      Whatever styles suits you best, is the one you should stick with.


      1. Well, it’s very similar to spanish! The structure is just about the same with some exceptions, and the phonetics are akin to Galician.
        We have no similarities with German, sadly.
        But really, it might seem intimidating, but only the start is hard!

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      2. Ah, worry not! Neruda is still a brilliant poet in it’s original Spanish illations.
        For Portuguese poets, I would recommend trying Richard Zenith translations of Pessoa’s poems, as well as any translation of Eugénio de Andrade works you can get your hands on.
        As far as Spanish goes, Federico Garcia Lorca was not only brilliant, but a very appreciated artist in Portugal at the time.
        Hope I helped you Holly, and you are always welcome to ask me for anything you need!

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    1. This one doesn’t have a Portuguese original, this is it’s only version.
      I’m very eternally thankful for the interest though! I’m often held back from publishing original Portuguese works here because they are very hard to translate…


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