THE CADWELL STEPPES (english poetry)

I’ve always been convinced that poetry exists within a physical space of it’s own. At times, I’ve used real world locations to set the tone, I’ve used Caliath as a land of sadness, and within the Monadic series, I’m trying to paint it differently. These spaces are symbolic, they are important, as they are reflective of a heightened version of our world.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 19.34.51.png

Over the next few poems, I will expand upon the Cadwell Steppes.


Hoje sou tudo no nada que sou, amanhã serei outro.

7 thoughts on “THE CADWELL STEPPES (english poetry)

  1. okay, still reading and re-reading here johnny. this is as always, quite beautiful. i especially feel the third stanza–the contrasts in that stanza–infinite versus finite, emptiness and the fullness of suffering, existence as both children and fathers. i really feel the intensity of these opposites. also in the final two triplets: the relationship between death, violence and beauty, the persistence of love in spite of everything–gorgeous.

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