Have you ever wondered to yourself: ‘Hum, I wish I could have a PDF document with 108 pages of second-rate poetry in my computer, that would solve a lot of problems.’

My oh-my do I have the right solution for you!

With another notebook fully stacked with poems, I need to transition to a seventeenth Caliath, and as such, I’ve decided to freeze all compositions and publish them here as a bulk. You may preview them or download the entire document.


Most of the compositions presented above are of lyrical, ultra-romantic nature. They can often seem quite repetitive and basic, as they are the first compositions I’ve built in English. As more time and writing elapses, my poetry evolves, and as of my latest Saturno and The Monadic Compositions, it takes a form much more polished and refined. I hope you do not take these as a full representation of my work.

It is as relevant now as it has ever been to thank all who have followed me so far. My poetic production has changed incredibly fast mostly due to your input and tenacity, making me a little better every time I attempt to write.

Disclaimer: currently working on a more aesthetically pleasing version of the document, but I’m not very good at it, so I’m not sure if I will ever get it done.




14 thoughts on “CALIATH XVI

  1. Perfect way to enjoy a little more from you. Adored ‘Window’ – particular the lines regarding a ‘spectator/Or maybe even a narrator’. Magic just flows from your pen, doesn’t it? xx

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    1. Window was a very popular one when I first started posting here, perhaps my third or fourth composition? I’ve always really liked it, I wish I could produce more like those today, but Styx and Window were a two-hit artistic clarity, like Yangtze.
      Thank you so much Sekar, you’re always incredible kind to me.

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      1. Your more recent works have undoubtedly lived up to ‘Window’ – there’s no fear of that! I’ll make sure to have a closer look at ‘Styx’ and ‘Yangtze’. I’m looking forward to it!

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      2. Yangtze is a recent post made here part of the Monad Series, so it won’t appear in that document. You can still check it out in the blog itself! (and Styx is to this day my favourite composition in English of my own creation)

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  2. don’t sell yourself short… post on kindle.. it’s free… and it can be a way for others to support you… keep up the great work… kindle unlimited is free for those of with us with prime… by the way anyone reading the comments.. support great writers… it goes a long ways to creating even more great art…

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    1. I’ve been writing english poetry for a little more than three months, I still consider myself a huge novice. I thank you though, it means worlds to me, and your message of supporting great artists is imperative, not just writers, all of us who have a passion.
      Thank you, again.

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    1. And here I was, wondering if calling it second-rate was already being too pretentious, haha.
      Thank you Toad, I missed you, shall respond to your email right after!


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