HUIS-CLOS EN MER (english poetry)

I’ve been writing a very long parabole poem called “BAICHENG’S PRIME EHRU”, aside from being time consuming, it’s also very draining, so I’ve written lighter and simpler compositions in the meantime so I can decompress. Hope you like it as well, a little bit of lightness can be good.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 11.13.53.png



6 thoughts on “HUIS-CLOS EN MER (english poetry)

    1. I actually was momentarily proud of those verses when I wrote them, although they are not in their original form.
      As always, thank you Mariah. My solitude is shortly suspended in motion when I’m melted by the possibility of someone else living romance within my humble creations. It’s an interesting feeling. You make me less lonely.

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      1. Those are the two lines that impressed me the most too. There’s something about expressing the incommunicable through words… It’s one of those paradoxes which can go a long way.

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      2. Ah, but my english poetry is but a puny attempt compared to the greats you study and translate. You will perhaps not find anything you like midst my compositions. If I could recommend only one that I’m visibily proud of, it would be Yangtze.
        My best work (at least as far as general feedback and my own viewpoint on poetry), is mostly in Portuguese, fortunately and unfortunately.

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      3. Thanks for the heads up, I’m going to read that one right away.

        I’m really curious about the Portuguese poems, by the way. I’ll definitely have to find a way around them.


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