Veribus, my attempt at social platforms.

For a while, I’ve been scouring for ways to convey which poets have influenced me the most, who I hold highly as I navigate the gears of my own production. Certain verses, stanzas, poems, move me to a level I cannot fully explain, and those feelings are what I work so hard to translate within my own poetry, often with failure, but always with tenacity.

One platform I’ve never given much thought to, although pleasantly succinct at times, presented itself as a nice medium to share these small shards of brilliance, and that is Twitter.

I’m not sure how it will fully work yet, but if this is something you are generally interested in, I will be attempting to post at least one exhibit a day of these poetic capitulations, with the sole purpose of their inspiration and diffusion, if possible, at the following address – VERIBUS.

I’ve created it as a project of hobbyist nature and I do not intend to reap any tangible rewards from its maintaining, as to not inspire the usage of others work as a commercial medium. It is done simply as a modus for me to idolise a bit more those who are so important to me.

If VERIBUS ever reaches a point of impactful influence, it would also be a great medium for diffusion of amateur and wordpress-based poetry I’m fond of, as there are so many kind-spirited and talented individuals on this platform I would love to, in any way I’m able, somehow help.

Thank you.


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A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

16 thoughts on “Veribus, my attempt at social platforms.”

  1. No problem. Twitter is probably one of the more misunderstood social media platforms. Just add #poetry to the end of the tweet. Twitter is the digital global pulse of the Internet, the electronic thought-stream of humanity. You can know what’s happening anywhere in the world almost immediately by watching trending hashtags. Hashtags are the query tool. 🙂

    Also, I love the poetry.

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    1. Do you mean my poetry? Or the poetry on Twitter?
      I’m unsure, but thank you for the help. I had a weird book-centric education and my contact with devices was very limited in rural Portugal. Input like yours is precious to me.


    1. Ah, thank you!
      You just wait, I’m starting to write in Spanish too, this isn’t even my final form!
      Regardless, thank you, I appreciate all feedback with endless love.


    1. I’ve been so overwhelmed, I haven’t had time to fully explore the compositions you’ve indicated. Would you kindly contact me with the links, and I will e-mail you the feedbacks.
      I’m so sorry, truly, but it has been insane, haha.

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