CRAZED PLAYHOUSE (english poetry)

I couple days ago, I thought to myself, what a wonderful world! And I wanted to write a decently happy composition to demonstrate that. Then it ended up like this, and I’m perpetually confused. I have a verse in portuguese that states “I’ve never written a single happy lyric / Perpetuated by silence of the other side.”, seems like I was clairvoyant of my own future there.

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 20.36.33.png

Not-so-fun-fact: it was heavily inspired by my night-outs in Lisbon, that in almost seven years, never produced a single long-lasting bond. People are solitaires nowadays.



14 thoughts on “CRAZED PLAYHOUSE (english poetry)

  1. Some poeple find it harder to write about joy. I can relate. After I don’t know how many gloomy poems, I became so nauseated by my own complaining that I had to actively force myself to engage in joyful compositions. Luckily it worked out, and now I can write about my best states of mind with relative ease – while the miserable poems became more sober as if by reflection, which I dig – but it needed work. I’m aware that it’s a debatable notion, but I don’t think everything spontaneous necessarily comes from a genuine place. Sometimes one needs to work on their own spontaneity, to wash out the bad habits.

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    1. Oh yeah, I completely agree. In fact, I think most of my headaches of composing were born of my inability to shake certain habits I do not like.
      And even harder: to distinguish the habits that make you somewhat unique, and the ones that just undermine the work.
      Eh, no one said this was going to be easy, haha 🙂

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  2. I can relate. It takes some exercise to encompass “positive” emotiongs without getting trapped in cliché or overly sticky poetry. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. I have some problems with categorizing emotions into positive or negative, because they all have their own right to exist in our lives, the dichotomy creating a fictious hierarchy of wanted or unwanted emotions, but I’m digressing. This is not about how you expressed your emotions, it is just a general statement. To me it seems that too many are focused exclusively on positivity, denying themselves the chance to appreciate the darker hues of the emotional realm. I enjoy how true you stay to the form of your poetry and well, sometimes you need to go with the flow, intent is one thing, but expression often leads us on paths much different than we formerly thought.

    Funny coincidence: I’ve also written about (in my case one) night out, before reading this.
    Keep writing!

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    1. A natural categorisation of emotions is usually set in place by an overprotective neo-cortex attempting to resist a bombardment of hormones. But that is nerdy science, and this is amateur poetry, haha.

      I do not consider certain emotions worthier of composition than others. I just feel like, at times, the biggest crime of “happy” compositions is their lack of time resistance. If we use Art to distill emotions, why would we do it to those we want to keep?
      In fact, I think thats why happiness is hard to translate in any Art – the artist is simply not interested in bleeding it out, in letting it go.
      Whatever form of joy we hold dear in our lives is frugal in nature, and kept under chainmail & love.

      You are always, always welcome, to deposit any tangents of thought and to digress as much as you want. This is a place dedicated to expression, and I’m overjoyed with your presence.

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      1. I think time resistance is a matter of the intensity of emotions, the artists channels trough their pieces. And the funny thing about joy and passion is, that it doesn’t leave us, but multiplies and bounces back, once it’s set free.

        If I would keep my joy to myself I wouldn’t have made some of the strongest bonds with other humans. To me creating good poetry is channeling strong emotions, my own and the echoes of emotions of people I’ve met and touched through my words, to create a flow, that carries enough poetic force.

        Pain comes and goes, like the tides, but joy and especially love never leave us. It is really like the presence of the sun. It is still there, even if we cannot see it under a cloudy sky. I mean this quite literally. I’m acutely aware of love and joy in my life and I do everything to share it, because that’s how it grows.

        You might have your reasons to keep certain emotions to yourself and that is absolutely your choice. I don’t think your poetry suffers, but maybe you’ll manage the feat of a “happy” piece one day. 😉
        And having said that: I do enjoy the darker hues of poetry very much, but if I wouldn’t write enough “happy” pieces once in a while, that create pauses, I’d stop writing.

        Thank you for taking the time to reply that elaborately. And never apologize for nerdy stuff, especially if it involves functions of the brain. I’m really into neurosciences.

        Have a great weekend!

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  3. I face the same problem many times. I think let’s write something positive positive and when I start somehow or the other I encounter a plot twist and there goes the positivity. I guess the demons don’t want to leave us as much as we don’t want to let go of them.
    See how the negativity crept in ? XD
    Anyways Johnny I still love your writings because they are so well organised and thought off. Hats off friend, keep up with the good work !

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    1. Thank you Masked!
      Its harder than it looks, since you start peeling off emotions to translate into the composition, and quickly realise its 90% some form of sadness and 10%, some sense of peace.
      Always lovely to hear your feedback, friend.

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  4. I also do find it tricky today write positive poems and I am thoroughly sick of writing negative ones… Since I started writing, which isn’t long but it’s too long tongue write negative poems, I have only composed one positive poem “In the Forest”. Otherwise, most of them are negative while some are in between negative and positive.

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    1. Thank you for reading it!
      Poetry is a rare craft nowadays, any little bit of interest I can spawn is of great significance to me.
      Again, thank you so much 🙂


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