dogwood and yarn. (english poetry)

dogwood and yarn 2

Author’s Notes:

The structure of the composition was severely inspired by Jack Leonard’s song “All the Things you Are“, a beautiful song that was a hit during the 1930s in America.

I finally found a practical and pleasing way to put whole compositions into a single image, took me long enough. I’m not very technologically savvy.

This is another free-hander. I haven’t had much time to sit down and actually compose, so I mostly scribble into my notepad throughout the day and I get these results. At least, I hope they aren’t too bad. And thank you for reading, I don’t often thank people who read and do not comment, and it’s not on purpose, I’m just forgetful. Regardless, thank you so much for following the unglamorous journey of a dreamy kid writing poems.


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A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

10 thoughts on “dogwood and yarn. (english poetry)”

  1. I’m completely hopeless with technology too!
    The images that you’ve chosen contrast and complement each other so beautifully. The warmth of the ‘spices’ and flame-like ‘flickers’, against the cool ‘waves’ and ‘foam’, wrapped up in the juxtaposition of ‘icy stench’ and ‘enlightened flames’…I’m burning up and shivering. x

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    1. Sekar; I always miss you greatly. I have to bookmark your blog, but I always forget. (Doing it as I write this)
      You got all of it right, every image was meant as a parallel of the surreal, trying to inspire a certain meaninglessness to what we are, but simultaneously, a beauty in that void. A beauty that can belong.
      Thank you, as always, you’re awesome.

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      1. Love the explanation! It’s as beautiful as your poetry. I’ve always found it immensely satisfying when a writer refuses to limit their skill to ‘poems’ alone and uses it in other contexts. 🙂

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