The most common element throughout my time posting here, a little more than four months now, is most likely my lack of confidence into the craft I’m presenting for you to read. Although having such tender readers as you is a soothing march towards a path of more determined writing, I cannot help but to distill what is perhaps the only good spawn of this plaguing inadequacy: my unending gratitude, the joyous smiles whenever someone comments such warm and embracing notes to my compositions, those to which I give such little worth, those that you see something in, sometimes I’m tearful just thinking of it.
Writing since such young age, I’ve only been compelled to share very recently, mostly out of fear and self-preservation, but this journey of sharing has been no less than magical, almost out of a book. I have long ways to go in my abilities and considerations, as well as my Art, which I plan to refine until the skin of my fingers is all but spent, but both readers and fellow poets here on WordPress have gifted me with a tenacity I could never verse, and my short time here has a been a poem in and of itself. One of those Wilde spoke of, poems that are lived and not written, poetry and humility.
Together, we are giving new colours to a craft that seems increasingly forgotten, and this Art that spans millenniums lives, breathes and laughs within our hearts, we are the oxygen that fuels its flames and the salt of its waves. To think that I’ve actually touched people in meaningful ways with the sharing of my primitive and young compositions, already brings tears to my eyes, and makes every ounce of my brimming shyness seem so minimal compared to that unbridled joy.
I’ve always been skeptical of over-the-head love, but I truly love everyone who has encouraged me and left the sweetest messages. When I reply that it means the world to me, I mean it with every second of my breath. It means the world, and I love you, because my gratitude couldn’t be grander, because I’m just a kid that writes and you have the patience to read, and that means more than a thousand poems could ever convey, because it means the world, and I hope to only grow more grateful.

Thank you, truly,

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43 thoughts on “Gratitude.”

  1. So sweet Johnny!! You are very gifted, we love to read your beautiful poems that come from your heart and creative mind. It is a gift to all of us and thank you for daring to share. As we all grow together no matter what age we are. Poetry is timeless, and is the favorite vehicle of the heart. Blessings to you dear soul. Keep on keeping on xx Jordan

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    1. Jordan, you are always so kind and gentile towards me and my work, I don’t know how to repay such kindness.
      It is a gift to have a reader like you, and you couldn’t be more correct, we all grow together no matter the age, and I’m so lucky to be growing alongside spirits like yours.

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      1. Ahh Johnny, Thank you, no repay necessary, reading your poetry and hearing your spirit unfold in this world is more than enough. Blessings to you dear soul. Jordan xx

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  2. Even your note of gratitude here is poetic…”When I reply that it means the world to me, I mean it with every second of my breath”- beautiful 🙂 Let me be honest with you, until I started following your work I never used to edit my poetry… as fast as I wrote them I posted. But when I read your poetry and see how very dedicated you are and how much you put into your work it made me realize that I needed to do more than just vent through my words but use the emotions along with the words and create art. I’m still not that great but I like to think that I’ve developed my work a bit more and hopefully I’ll grow more as a writer. I admire your love for the art and the obvious determination and drive that fuels your work. You do more than just write… it’s like worded art. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

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    1. Oh Sherell! You wouldn’t believe how honored and happy this comment makes me! I’m very glad I inspired you to refine your craft and find new challenging ways to write. You are very talented and work can only compound that, never take from it!
      I’m very, very glad to have impacted you in some way, it’s very important to me.
      Thank you…

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  3. Hey 🙂 you have a typo in your last paragraph (it should say patience). I hope you don’t mind my remark.
    You wrote so beautifully about being on WordPress. I feel the same way, I feel so happy when people comment and tell me that they loved what I wrote, that they can relate, etc. It’s a great blessing to be in this platform, doing what we love and interacting with all the wonderful people here.
    We shall evolve, I believe in us. 🙂 ❤

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  4. “Together, we are giving new colours to a craft that seems increasingly forgotten, and this Art that spans millenniums lives, breathes and laughs within our hearts, we are the oxygen that fuels it’s flames and the salt of it’s waves.” Loved this line…I believe all people have a voice uniquely their own. Was my pleasure to hear yours.

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  5. Johnny. I come here with selfish interest. There cant think of a way I could personally connect so I am using this comment.
    If you remember few weeks back. I asked you to read a few of my works, you found over obscurity. I said I will try to work on it. Well I am giving 3 links. If you get some free time and want to waste for a change. Please go through them once and provide your feedback. I do not care if you otta be rude. I really want the truth of and from your eyes.

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    1. Yes!, it is Friday, so I can do it promptly. But *I should know your name by now*, you can just contact me through the website and we can trade e-mails from time-to-time. I do it with a plethora of different bloggers here, some even receive poems I don’t publish. (most of my Surrealist works are tightly locked)

      Irregardless, I will check your poetics with haste.

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  6. This is what blogging is all about. Many are feeling the same way you are. We’re all a little scared to share our innermost thoughts and feelings through our writing. But we come together to encourage one another (Hebrews 10:24,25). That way this beautiful art form can continue to grow.


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