street lights and reeds. (english poetry)

street lights and reeds.

Author’s Notes:

This one is very sloppy structure-wise, but I’m living this thirties fantasy right now and I really felt like writing some stuff related to that, not sure why. But it makes me really happy!

The entire poem has references to Al Bowlly.

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A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

10 thoughts on “street lights and reeds. (english poetry)”

    1. Okay, after a quick over-the-head Google search, I’m progressively more confused.
      This composition has no underlying philosophy of blame onto others for ones own solitude. The poetic subject merely observes a beauty to love he cannot attain, not because of others lack of interested, but because of his own lack of interest.
      It almost seems like we are reading two different works, eh?

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      1. The subject seems volunteered involuntarily, against his own desires. Perhaps it’s my own read but he seems to think they’re happy, and he’s miserable, and if he could only be like them he’d be happy too. As though it’s a matter of low self esteem, not low esteem of others. To me, an incel hallmark. “I’d be out there getting laid if I didn’t suck” sort of thing.


  1. I really admire how you write and your openness to approaching different poetical structures. Overall, I felt your structure was very strong and flowed off the tongue nicely. Love the images you create in this one as well. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Beautiful and melancholy poem, reminded me of ‘The Lullaby of Broadway’ in a minor key, or a song where the rhythm has gone slightly off, just enough to make us think. Undertones of monochrome movies and Old Hollywood with its seedy underbelly. Very finely captured the atmosphere of a bygone era. Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed it.

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