Bronze & Bismuth (english poetry)

A short-attempt at surrealism made to test the viability of Yangtze, just because I really missed posting. (beware: this is not a good poem to read aloud, it has a lot of bad sound variations, the kind Bach would frown upon)



Hoje sou tudo no nada que sou, amanhã serei outro.

19 thoughts on “Bronze & Bismuth (english poetry)

  1. your correct , no good reading out loud . i instead BELLOWED (so much fun) these words to my surprised family . to their and my joy . fantastic use of words ,kindest regards bg 🙂😎🙂

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    • Oh, thank you so much Lohansa! This poem is impish compared to my bigger works, but it means so much to me that it captured your attention.
      Again, thank you, with all my heart.


  2. A well crafted reminder that there is something about words makes us look hard for meanings, even see some, in nonsense.

    Beyond that very important and instructive lesson, you demonstrate a mastery here for stringing together words in beautiful, albeit nonsensical, ways.


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