Styx (revised)

As a lot of content is getting shaved from the book of Selected Poetry, most of my author notes are getting removed and replaced with prose. Hours of wasted work, but no matter, that’s how these things go. I will post some of those I feel worse about deleting, so they won’t dissipate into the void.

Styx 1Styx 2Styx 3

Sorry for the huge resolution, comes straight from book format.



13 thoughts on “Styx (revised)

    1. Podes expressar em Português!
      Sim, mas a timidez poética não é contingente à sua inadequação. O poema em si é primitivo porque está mais resguardado, mas o ímpeto poético está presente.
      Daí eu a querer manter por perto.


  1. I dunno what the Heck you’re talking about, that may be one of the best pieces I’ve ever read, by anyone. A nightmare creature singing the praises of his ghastly realm to comfort a bard who finds himself trapped there is perhaps the best metaphor for parenthood one could possibly put together.

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  2. You reference a book of Selected Poems in your introduction to this well-constructed piece (which reminds me of Montale’s late work – have you read?). Are you publishing in English or releasing a dual-language volume?

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    1. Yes, I’m a big fan of Montale, truly one of the greatest lyricists in Europe. And thank you, I find that endearing.
      It will be published as a singular book containing selected poetry and selected prose.


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