Today, I e-published my first title and a wave of terror washed over me.
I do not feel quite ready for it. I’m an admirer of so many, and I don’t feel worthy of having people purchase my book just yet. It’s just not something I feel okay with, due to my inexperience and general inadequacy.

Still, I feel like I’ve created something special in this humble manuscript. Something worth reading, but not necessarily commercialising.

As such, I will un-publish the book and open it to reading in this post, in PDF format, free-for-all. I will, however, also provide a donate button bellow, may you decide I’m worthy of such honour and trust (you decide the amount). What I receive will be used for the purposes previously mentioned – maintaining the website and eventually, a groovy poetry-chilling podcast.

Thank you,
and sorry.

True Ultra – The Book

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27 thoughts on “TRUE-ULTRA

  1. I’ve only read a few pages so far but you can be proud of what you have put together. Other people just dream of scraping together the courage of what you just have done – putting yourself out there for the world to see. Congrats on a great accomplishment!

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      1. It is their loss and I don’t try to please everyone anyway. It doesn’t work and you are not true to yourself if you try. Of course you already know that so I am preaching to the choir…. 😉


  2. Don’t say sorry, you have created something; so many people would love to do what you have done but don’t have the courage. Publish the book when you are ready but I’m not sure any of us would ever truly be ‘ready’ for something like this and just remember, more than 3500 people have chosen to follow you in appreciation for what you write ;O) x

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  3. Johnny, you spoke from your heart and it seems that always is the best place to come from. I have started reading and as always find your poetry, absolutely lovely.

    Thank you for sharing with us. As I read, I will send you my thoughts. Be held Johnny and know that you are loved. 💞

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  4. The art that comes out of us is not our own. If it were, then we can challenge ourselves to replicate a similar work again (I guess we can not and most interestingly, we feel so fascinated after it’s come out). The art that comes out of us, is from unknown domains (I call it God, but what ever one may call the mysteries of mind and brain). So, the art chose you! Be proud and be happy. Happy that it is reaching many more thirsty seekers, who may be in sync with your ideology! 🙂 you need not be feeling dull at all!

    All the best!

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    1. Thank you so much.
      Your name rings true to your words, you are a being of wisdom indeed.
      I do not call it God, although in the past, I have, and I still do understand the passion towards the Absolute.

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  5. congratulations 👏i think you are amazing by publishing your work 👍
    you have a very interesting blog, and i can’t wait to explore more 😊, and thank you for following my simple blog 😃i really appreciated it.

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