silver frenzy. (english poetry)

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A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

12 thoughts on “silver frenzy. (english poetry)”

    1. My father likes driving in the wrong lane when the street seems clear. Ever since youth, my sister and I pondered on why he would make such a haggard risk, despite his assurance that everything would be fine.
      I’ve since debated that with him, and was met with the response that people often feel powerless under the weight of a world that isn’t responsive to the individual, and these draws of danger and chaos are small glimpses of control.
      In my still-naive poetic self, I’d like to think we forge entropy because it provides relief, a detachment to a reality that is harsher to the self than it is to the collective.
      I’m sorry for the long response, and thank you Lona. Your input is always ever-so appreciated.

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      1. I love this response, Johnny. I have always considered entropy to be a universal embodiment of a certain motion cultivated within the stillness of our being. Just as our consciousness is ever enlarged and expanded through reflection, this movement of thought can only happen when our senses are most alive as we disengage from our everyday tasks and distractions and reengage with the essence of our self through thought and meditation. Cheers.

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  1. Great response, Johnny. I have always considered entropy to be a symbolic embodiment of the mental and spiritual expansion occurring as a response to the cultivated stillness of silence and reflection. In other words, the motion of stillness leads to a stillness of motion. All expansion must eventually lead to a breaking up of the cosmos and the creation of a new universe. The collective often remains unaware of this new zeitgest and so it remains tied to the status quo until it is too late. Hence the reason that visionaries must expand their own boundaries and create new universes for the rest of us to explore and ultimately embrace as the new status quo. Cheers.

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    1. Manuel, gracias por tus palabras.
      I equate the presence of man-made entropy to that of collective order. There is a absurdesque-camuesque sense to this, although I’m not the best to explain it.
      Human reductionism is, I believe, the primal constituent of these behavious. Reducing the universe to a digestable state, or rather, to a human-sized concept, tends to shroud the person with this haze of comprenhension where there is none. We believe we understand because we understand what we reduce. But the world we have is a pale and real forecast, and once we are syphoned of that control over perception, we do anything in our power to re-enter the illusion.
      I talk a lot about this in Ultra-True, albeit scattered throughout prose and some poems. And I still have a long way in understanding these more complex topics. Despite how it may seem, I’m more of a hard-worker than a naturally smart guy, haha. Takes me a while.

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  2. wow, your poetry is beautiful. Thank you for following me. I will be able to learn a lot from your writing and I look forward to your insightful views ❤ What a welcome to the wordpress community. Thanks again ❤

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