Brimrose and Redstone (english poetry)

I’ve been back into the dating game for a couple o’ weeks now, and we ask such cruel questions to ourselves when we analyse our worth towards being wanted, or being loved. At least, I do. I feel insufficient, and this composition stems from that.

brimrosebrimrose 2


P.S: Kind of a long one, eh? If you made it this far, I would like to point you to the direction of Dead Combo, a portuguese duo of guitar and bass, whose ability to refine feelings into perfect cords has never ceased to impress me. My favourite album of theirs is called “Lusitânia Playboys” and my favourite song, “Like a Drug“.

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A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

6 thoughts on “Brimrose and Redstone (english poetry)”

  1. Change what you can change, if that’s what you want, and accept what you cannot. If we look to be someone else and we do find someone that we click with, who will they be clicking with, the real you or the you that you think you ought to be? Be yourself and the best of luck. :O) x

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  2. I really loved it. I felt the yearning of change as I read through the poem. It was a real call, felt like I could be your ‘moulder’. Really nice. Good luck pal!

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  3. Oh my lord. I can’t handle the emotions that gave. Be back later. And fear nothing, Johnny. This does not mean I didn’t find it perfect. It means my emotions were more effectively messed up by your words. Which is higher praise than any phrasing could ever show.


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