Pink Lemons and Milky Waves

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A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

11 thoughts on “Pink Lemons and Milky Waves”

  1. Your use of the metaphor is outstanding. Among my favorites are: elastic time, riptide of the momentary. I have to say I have experienced the absurd while dancing on broken glass but not on top of a broken grave. I am thankful for your definition of Caliath, but have not as yet met Kierka. Thanks for such enlightment. It was a joy.

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      1. Thanks Johnny! I have it all written down in my little pink book! Without reference I am lost. Your MR. Kierke must have been an excellent teacher…the broad movement of your work left me to go back several times to see if I was still “with it”. I truly did enjoy both pieces and can see me at sometime in the future hunting desperately for one of your phrases, I don’t know personally very many people who have suffered from despair…enough to be able to write in that mood occasionally. If I do, I will give credit to your poetry. Thanks again.


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