A disaster with a heart. (english poetry)

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A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

24 thoughts on “A disaster with a heart. (english poetry)”

  1. although you claim above that this is not your best, there are indeed kernels of beauty! i find the return at the end–the last seven lines–so simply accepting and beautifully resigned. still, the dream remains…i keep coming back here in spite of my hectic life, just to read your poetry!

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    1. Mariah, how I missed you dearly. Thank you so much, I’ve been bouncing many writing styles, from poetry to prose, from confessional to lyrical, and this over-exploration leaves my work exhausted. I must refine the division, since I already work full time and study. I’m a one-man band, haha, and I shouldn’t be!

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      1. Perhaps I will, but at times, I feel responsible for poetry, y’know? It’s what people expect from me, and in turn, what I expect from myself. Pitiful, but human nonetheless.


  2. You have such a way with words. The poem’s ending especially is so powerful! Also, thank you so much for following my blog SincerelyMantra. I followed you back and I look forward to reading more of your writing.

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  3. I studied a good bit of poetry, particularly writing it, in college, but never thought it would have practical use. Now I’ve translated over a hundred songs in each direction between Japanese and English, and that study and practice have proved to be very valuable indeed. Blessings on you as you practice the craft of poetry. Incidentally, welcome to Virtual Vitamins. I pray my words may be a blessing you you, and your words a blessing to many.

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