Thebian Dark (english poetry)

thebian dark1thebian dark2

(I work as a carpenter) — today, I was installing a smooth-stone tabletop and noticed that the colour and design of that stone was named “Thebes Black“. It is interesting what the mind can create when it takes a vision by the hand and sprints with it. Shortly after, during my lunchtime, I wrote this composition based on the name of that stone.

It wasn’t made with full-fledge, hence why it is much shorter that I would ideally make it, but I hope you enjoy it, even if just a bit. (perhaps just the smile of reading how it was inspired by such a mundane thing)


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A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

20 thoughts on “Thebian Dark (english poetry)”

  1. Really enjoyed this poem [!]. I am always so captivated to hear the story behind what motivated a writer to write a particular piece. “Thebes Black“ is an interesting theme and you have delved into it in a highly evocative and imaginative way.

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    1. Thank you tons, Mike. Real poetry, that is a very high-bar compliment, and I’m not certain I’m worthy of it, but I’m still found in borderless gratitude. You’re very sweet, again, thank you much.

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