Pre-Canto & Canto I (english poetry)


So, bear with me here; I know it’s not great, but I was mashing my brain against this first Canto without any true necessity. Poems like these require a certain heaviness I cannot fully achieve (just yet), my poetry still draws much from my own levity as a person. That being said, the form is still ridiculously volatile, and I apologise for that. So far, The Shades are mostly lyrical, Cocytus is mostly expositive and Luriam is mostly confessional. I would like to keep it that way, but still need to work on their cohesion and how the styles transition. Regardless, if you have any tips, I’m all ears!

Thank you for reading!


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A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

9 thoughts on “Pre-Canto & Canto I (english poetry)”

  1. Remember Sisyphus? You know the story of the rock of ages? They say he’s self-aggrandizing. Don’t be self depreciating by letting that roll back over you. You have talent. Just write. Let others be critical.. Did I just say that? Smile anyways!

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    1. Camus was a smart man; but Absurdism teaches us little about valuing expectations. I have to be critical at-vanguard, I must be the biggest menace to my own work. Thats how Caliath works, thats why it’s a land of ineptitude.
      But your compliment is still very-sweet indeed, and akin to how Camus asks you to see Sisyphus content, even if accursed, I ask that you see the beauty of my unrolled levity.
      Thank you Michael, you’re an awesome duderoni.

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    1. Ah!, I hope it gets better as the Cantos increase; I’m still not conveying everything in it’s best iteration. But I’m very glad it pleases you!, as I don’t paint you as easily pleasable.
      Thank you Aaron, as always, I heavily respect your input.

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  2. Johnny you truly put your all into your art… this always inspires me… makes try harder at creating and not simply writing. I’ve been away from WordPress for a bit so missed some of your work though I had started reading the PDF of your collection. So far I have only read… and re-read Hurricane In C-Sharp… I love it and as always your words requires moments of reflection and absorption

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    1. Sherell!, you are so tenderly sweet. It is true, I write with my heart-in-hands, but there is still much all left to be given, and I’m still very young and primitive in writing.
      Still, I appreciate your abound support so-very-humbly, I have much gratitude towards you, especially since you also have much talent and a lot left to write. E-mail me, someday, if you’re feeling sad or lonesome, or just for some chatter.
      Be well, Sherell, I adore you much!

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