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A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

21 thoughts on “American-way. (english poetry)”

  1. Being American, why in all of sanity would anything we do be glorified? We are the worst; cultureless, cruel and the powerful among us revel in those things. Those of us too poor to escape long for anywhere that isn’t a product of a power drunk vengeful child’s fever dream.

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    1. Ah, Toad,
      I don’t know much about present-day US, but the US is everything but cultureless! I mean, cinematography, your amazing music from pretty much any era; your poets! I reference Frost, Pound and Ginsberg but there are many more that I love.

      I like glorifying those classic and fervent American symbols, like dreaming, and going after what you want!, that is something you don’t really find here…

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      1. Now is scary. Think Germany juuuust before all hell broke loose in the 1930s.

        But the ideals our nation was FOUNDED UPON (and to which I will always adhere) are as you describe. Worthy of emulation.

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    1. From what I’ve noticed, people are more surprised about my positive position towards the U.S.
      It’s so weird that people expect me to hate it, since I’m European, but I really don’t.
      And yeah, it feels really enchanting; the American Dream is one of the most poetic constructions of the last century, hence why so much Art was produced in its wake.
      Thanks man, I’m glad you liked it!

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  2. I’m not surprised that you have a positive position toward the U.S. Of course, all countries have their downfalls, but I’m proud of my country and there really is nothing like the American dream!

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  3. A lovely insightful poem, Johny. I love the poem’s beautiful flow and rhyming too. It is very vibrant, a chant to dreams. What would life be without them? I think the concept of the American dream has been perverted, that is the problem. Otherwise tell me: if you are the daughter or son of poor parents and your grandparents were also poor… how are you going to survive when the poor-rich gap increases day by day? You do not have the same starting point as people who come from not so poor families. Therefore, you need help from the goverment as it happens in most European countries: universal heathcare, etc. Unfortunately this is not being understood by some part of the American population who puts the blame on the poorest instead of putting it on the superstructures of power who just favor the rich. The concept of the American dream needs to be reversed in that the people peacefully fight for social equality. Thank God there are lots of people doing that. For instance, I was listening to this radio interview on sexual harassment and on the issue of Brett Kavanaugh. I so love what the activist Loretta Ross said:

    Such activism brings hope to America and also to the entire humanity as any non-violent civil resistance movement does. The key is non-violence succeeds:

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    1. The poem itself draws from Western Theatricalism, apropos of American culture and base-line values.
      That being said, it holds no true political nature; one can uphold American culture without necessarily speaking of its political draws. Of course, the U.S. is politically condemnable, but certainly many other places are too; In Portugal, when we encounter a bad political landscape, as we have many times, we don’t tether it immediately to our culture.
      Politics are but a show of lights and aesthetics, but reality doesn’t always concur.

      I’m not American, I have no stakes in the race, nor do I have ill-opinions of America because of its politics, I believe things can be separated. I’m also sure America has a ton of issues, but so do all of us; I’m a twenty-two year old with a degree in Law who works as a carpenter because no other opportunity was given to me.
      We all struggle, but we just get less publicity dedicated to our misery; we are not as aesthetically impious as the U.S. But my haggard world cannot stop me from appreciating the values whose pure humanity is abound. Your country has a beautiful culture, one so complex and refined, it is hard to believe you’re such a young country. And truly, that is all I wanted to transmit here…
      But thank you, regardless!, you are a very sweet spirit and I understand where your zest is coming from.

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  4. This is a wonderful piece. It’s reminiscent of Neil Gaiman’s writing, particularly American Gods.

    I am as American as it is possible to be; family here since just after the Mayflower, some Native American blood, and a Veteran of our Armed Forces. Having lived abroad, My perspective on America is a little unique I guess. The thing that is rare and I think precious about this piece is it’s simple honesty. We are people, just like everybody else. We are young and virile, and far too powerful far too quickly to stop and consider exactly what we are supposed to do with our incredible resources. We have been more tolerant of criticism than most, but we still have our gaffes from time to time. Some of them serious. We are who we are, though far too many of us do not know what that means or what to make of it.

    I am very impressed at your mastery of the language! I know multiple languages are taught most Europeans from young ages, but there is no way I could be so fluent in a language other than English without half s lifetime’s effort.

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    1. Thank you so much!,
      And yes, a verse a lot about that counter-intelectualism of the Dionysian pathos. People just being people, beyond political spectrums and twilights, beyond the poetical conception of our perceptions. Just what we truly are once alone: a reality of dreams, dreams of being less lonely.
      As a child of poor rural families, I’ve always been bound to that natural wisdom of envisioning and achieving, something very American even today, hence my admiration for your culture.

      And my English was self-taught! This composition actually doesn’t display my full range, I would say Prostagma and modern-cycle compositions (like Thebian-Black) do a much better job. I still have longs leaps to take, but I did learn English on my own and am continuing to do so.

      Again, my gratitude is borderless. 🙂


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