10 thoughts on “Portuguese Man-o-Dust (english poetry)

  1. Not fond of hope? My life would be depressing if I couldn’t keep hope alive. But hope it’s useless if you don’t make the cause to be. But your poem? Well written and makes one think,

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    • I’m not fond of hope as a concept; as in, I think it harms more than helps, often times. Ancient Greeks agreed, and many others since, but I remain hopeful. I have a post “Small Book Excerpt On Hope” that delves into this more deeply, but I do remain hopeful, I think for as long as you are alive, you hold a semblance of hopes of many kinds — but it goes to say, it doesn’t mean you must *like* the hope in which you are built!
      Of course, merely an opinion, not to be taken too heavily; we all have different views on hope, and they all hold a little truth.
      And thank you so much!


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