Canto IV – Dead Narcissus (Prostagma)

Canto IV 1Canto IV 2

Psychologists, when encountered by someone highly entranced with the concept of Death, insofar as it creates deep psychological impacts, have come to call it Anguish of Death. Either by intense fear — Thanatophobia, or strong passion — Thanatophilia, Death, as it is modernly conceptualised by medium of the Ancient Greeks, can easily take a large space at the core of human social structures, and even individual human structures. As it is so encompassing, so impending and inexorable, it is easy to crumble under its weight.

My Thanatos, then, draws from that mixture of existence and impermanence. Not a reaper nor a culler, nor an agent of silent or peaceful death, he is, rather, a materialised version of Anguish itself.  Not made to be cruel nor merciful, but instead, just there, and always there, until there is no longer a there.


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A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

8 thoughts on “Canto IV – Dead Narcissus (Prostagma)”

    1. Thank you Toad!, I must email you soon, as I’m curious to how you’ve been doing. Sadly, I’ve been muffled by a second job and recurrent trips to psycho-therapists. The usual, I suppose.

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      1. Hey, I’ve been a visitor of therapists for 26 years, angel boy. I’m
        So excited you’re taking positive action for your self care! EPIC POWER MOVE, JOHNNY!

        Great poet, self aware man of action! If I were into dating, I’d find you swoon-worthy! As it is, I’m all happy you’re taking good care of your mental health! 🙂 I’m so proud of you, I’m crying!


      2. Ah, Toad. I’m glad that is your response, as I’ve been trying my hardest and truly enjoying therapy. It is something I needed, but I don’t have many that supported the decision. Mental health is still a bit nebulous over here, you see, many don’t believe in it. To some, it’s just the Devil, I would suppose.
        Thank you so much, you are the kindest spirit.

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      3. Healing & empowerment & learning that emotions are exactly a car dashboard status indicator and not the life ruling demon we believe will always be anathema to those who like being slaves. Oddly, that includes a lot of otherwise sensible people.

        I’m Proud of you. Because of your choice, you are able to grow into your full human dignity.


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