A woman. (english poetry)

a woman1

a woman2

To my Grandmother; I’d wish to make something better for her, one day. But I’ve always been enchanted with her choice to stay, despite everything, she stays in her home, and intends to die there and nowhere else. That is a beauty I cannot yet capture.

But one day, Avó, one day.

She wasn’t taught to read nor write, so I know my greatest communication isn’t adequate for her. But, growing up by her side, I knew to communicate differently; with truly firm hugs, and the trémule of one’s voice, the pulse of a touch — all truly worth saying, dispenses words, as it lives above, purely in the senses.

She will never read my poems, but she knew them before anyone did. She knew them, even those I do not yet know.



Hoje sou tudo no nada que sou, amanhã serei outro.

25 thoughts on “A woman. (english poetry)

  1. JUST checking emails seen yours then thought no time, clicked open and the woman was readable in the email. Read it. It makes me feel good when I get caught in the flow or rhythm and that is what happened. I felt good reading it. You got skillz I respect and admire. Look forward to reading more. Stay up bro

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  2. I remembered my grandparents. Johnny, I am sorry I could not write to you. I could not write anything for many days.
    My grandparents were refugees of a civil war, that led to partition of our country. They wept cause they could not stay. Maybe I will write about them to you. Hope you are in good health Johnny. Your poem reminded me of their lamentations to leave their motherland. Thank you.


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