A woman. (english poetry)

a woman1

a woman2

To my Grandmother; I’d wish to make something better for her, one day. But I’ve always been enchanted with her choice to stay, despite everything, she stays in her home, and intends to die there and nowhere else. That is a beauty I cannot yet capture.

But one day, Avó, one day.

She wasn’t taught to read nor write, so I know my greatest communication isn’t adequate for her. But, growing up by her side, I knew to communicate differently; with truly firm hugs, and the trémule of one’s voice, the pulse of a touch — all truly worth saying, dispenses words, as it lives above, purely in the senses.

She will never read my poems, but she knew them before anyone did. She knew them, even those I do not yet know.



Published by João-Maria

A tick clinging to the bristles of a purple boar.

55 thoughts on “A woman. (english poetry)

      1. Hi… Your Words are from the Heart… i, Shiro could do no less. Compelled also to say as per the late Bruce Lee in one of his olden golden moments… “…Your Skills… are extraordinary…” Thank You for sharing.


  1. JUST checking emails seen yours then thought no time, clicked open and the woman was readable in the email. Read it. It makes me feel good when I get caught in the flow or rhythm and that is what happened. I felt good reading it. You got skillz I respect and admire. Look forward to reading more. Stay up bro

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      1. I get new posts sent to me, email if I follow a site. Its on my settings. Been struggling to find inspiration recently it helps when I read good stuff anywhere. Found yours, thanx


  2. I remembered my grandparents. Johnny, I am sorry I could not write to you. I could not write anything for many days.
    My grandparents were refugees of a civil war, that led to partition of our country. They wept cause they could not stay. Maybe I will write about them to you. Hope you are in good health Johnny. Your poem reminded me of their lamentations to leave their motherland. Thank you.

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    1. Just returned!
      Thank you so much for worrying; I had some arduous times, but one must rise eventually. It is warming to feel missed, thank you, truly.


    1. Over the times, I’ve said much; It is difficult to grasp fully how she understands this world, as it is so starkly different from what I understand of it, but she knows I love her deeply, and I know she does so, too.
      I suppose, upon a certain point of human communication, and especially after we experience this world of aesthetics, that is not just sufficient, that is the zenith of our humanity, and is conveyed in the most languid and silent of manners.
      Thank you so much, and I’d urge you to find peace in the unsaid, as it holds much power, but such is a path one must take alone.

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    1. Oh, thank you so much!
      My English still requires a little growth, as it is not my main language, and I have few chances of giving it any use. But I’m sure, someday, I will feel confident in it.
      Again, thank you tons.


      1. Portuguese is my first, French is my second. I dabble in a couple of others, English is one of them.
        Although my main impetus towards writing in English is its musicality, it contains a perfect coalescence of lyricism and atonality, making denser, like German, but lighter than German, since it has greater fluidity between individual structures.
        It’s also super fun.


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