Apropos of Caliath


“As I look at the wind passing bellow the curtains, and the line outside that separates the bright sunlight from the soothing shadow, I understand that poetry envelops me in ways that aren’t mystical or elevating, but rather, perpetuating.
Our Time in this world is sparse, but through verse, I’m allowed to condensate it into something tangible, give it curves and shapes, turn my seconds and hours and days into statues of lyrical nature, whose delicate fingers can play the lyre, unfazed by their stone forms. This perennial deconstruction of reality aids our ability to continue feeding from the waters of beauty that life springs, even midst tragedy, even through pain, even in the shadow. The process that I employ in my poetry allows me to reclaim those fragments of the perpetual, of infinitude, without bounds or obligations.”

Excerpt from my “True-Ultra” manuscript.

(CALIATH) created in early 2018 is a repository of different poetics by Johnny Salvatore (João Azevedo) in both English, signed by the former, and Portuguese, signed by the latter. I, the author, am twenty-two years old and live in Lisbon, Portugal, from where I’m natural, never living elsewhere in those twenty-two years.

The nature of the name itself – (CALIATH) – has been imported from a series of notebooks I’ve baptised with the same name over the years. It holds no meaning beyond it’s poetical landscapes, and it was not meant to resemble any other word that might sound similar.

I write as I speak, I speak as I feel, and I strive to place my best knowledge in its best order. That being said, I am and always shall be inadequate. I was not cut for poetry, nor am I educated for the subject at hand. I verse because the partiture of poetry allows my heart to beat, and its notes bind my mind together.

I’m relatively lax and flexible with the usage of my work, and I only ask that you don’t copy my full works and claim them for yourself. When it comes to individual stanzas or verses, you are free to bend them and adapt them however you see fit, and I’m happy they provided any shred of inspiration, if that was the case.

My header image is a sculpture by the infinitely brilliant artist Igor Mitoraj, installed at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and photographed by the great David Tomlinson.