(CALIATH) created in early 2018 is a repository of different poetics by Johnny Salvatore (João Azevedo) in both English, signed by the former, and Portuguese, signed by the latter. The poems here are not published elsewhere, and if no appropriative actions without my consent have taken these works somewhere else, it would be safe to assume you won’t find them anywhere but in this singular website.

I, the author, am 22 years old and live in Lisbon, Portugal, from where I’m natural, never living elsewhere in those 22 years.

The nature of the name itself – (CALIATH) – has been imported from a series of notebooks I’ve baptised with the same name over the years. It holds no meaning beyond it’s poetical landscapes, and it was not meant to resemble any other word that might sound similar.

All my poems – unless stated otherwise – are of lyrical nature, mostly using the Alexandrine meter and following an Anapestic micrometer for syllabic stressing. My literary chains usually oscillate between general romanticism and neorealism, with a generous mixture of both (often designated aesthetically as romantic realism).

Generally, all my works are separated and none exist within one singular realm, to the exception of my English poems part of the Monadic Series, and my Portuguese poems part of Ultra Series.

I’m relatively lax and flexible with the usage of my work, and I only ask that you don’t copy my full works and claim them for yourself. When it comes to individual stanzas or verses, you are free to bend them and adapt them however you see fit, and I’m happy they provided any shred of inspiration, if that was the case.