About the Blog

Caliath is a blog created in 2018.

This blog, written fully by me, Johnny, is no more than an exhaustion tube of everything I write on a whim. Without much romance or history behind it, nothing will be structured, being just a depository of armless writing that would otherwise serve no other purpose. I call it literary recycling.

About the Poetry

From an early age, I was enchanted deeply by a poetic chain called Ultra-Romanticisma very specific strand of Portuguese poetry that never got due credit elsewhere. Beside the (obvious) work I do in Portuguese that follows that literary chain, I’m attempting slowly to bring it to English, the best I can, and mixing some modern sentiments and expressions into it. I hope you like it and find it refreshing.

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You are free to share and adapt any of my work, copy full stanzas or verses (as long as not the full poems), as long as you credit me as the original author of such works. (except when it’s just one stanza or a couple of verses, who cares, honestly, I’m just happy you felt inspired).