B.O.O.M (english poetry)

B.O.O.M was built without structure or subject integrity. Partly built in Portuguese, it was a poetic concept I dribbled into during my ‘poetic diary’ era, stemming from an old relationship I had for quite a while. We had made a habit of playing ‘BOOM’ (also known as The Devil’s Game, Don’t Screw Me, or The Mexican), near the marine front of the Tagus river, in downtown Lisbon, also called “Ribeira das Naus“. We also shared a very big passion for 60s music, which I referenced plenty ‘o times within the composition itself (“What a beautiful feeling” a line from Crimson and Clover, “Under the Boardwalk” a line from a song with the same name.) The composition also references portuguese writer Eugénio de Campos, another shared passion, with the line “guided by horizons of desolated countries”, a loose adaptation of his verse “um horizonte de cidades bombardeadas” from Palavras Interditas. It attempts to drawn from the general unfair game of expectation

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Have you ever wondered to yourself: ‘Hum, I wish I could have a PDF document with 108 pages of second-rate poetry in my computer, that would solve a lot of problems.’ My oh-my do I have the right solution for you! With another notebook fully stacked with poems, I need to transition to a seventeenth Caliath, and as such, I’ve decided to freeze all compositions and publish them here as a bulk. You may preview them or download the entire document. >CALIATH XVI< It is as relevant now as it has ever been to thank all who have followed me so far. My poetic production has changed incredibly fast mostly due to your input and tenacity, making me a little better every time I attempt to write. Disclaimer: currently working on a more aesthetically pleasing version of the document, but I’m not very good at it, so I’m not sure if I will ever get it done. JOHNNY