My poetics based solemnly on the english language are produced with basilar components that are not present in any other language that I’ve produced in. As a product of such, English is the language that I most commonly associate with the present scapes of Caliath. 

Therefore, all of my work has been subdivided according to the space it occupies within my poetic spectrum, with three separate pages created for the ease of that division:

Apropos of (Caliath)

(this page functions similarly to an About page, as in, short surface-level information about me and the website)

Serapeum of (Caliath)

(this page functions similarly to an Index page, where you can find quick links and backings to various works I’ve done, albeit not all of them)

Bounds of Cadwell

(previously named Monadic Series, this page explores the poetically-physical space of Cadwell, and figures whose resistance to Time and fated Immortality have devolved them into a state of perpetual mourn)