Serapeum of Caliath


As of September of 2018, (Caliath) now holds the heaviest works of my poetic stratification, now considered the “Modern Cycle“, as it stands in anthesis to my most duotone, over-drawn compositions, present in Caliath XVI and XVII. Modern-Cycle compositions are the following:

Compositions are all subdivided according to which poetic universe they exist in, along with which body of work they are meant to occupy. That division goes as follows:

Rend (Monad) – poems meant to tell a story of universal shedding of various concepts present in art. Its compositions are the following:
Avenues in France;
The Cadwell Steppes; (Santa Barbara, Perennial Glade and First Figure)

Caliath (XVI) is constituted of diverse and diffuse poems bound only to my fiddling with a variety of ideas in order to refine my writing abilities. More experimental and riddled with faults, but genuine nonetheless. All of them are now found within one document here.

Caliath (XVII) is subdivided into Caliath (Excelse) and Caliath (Ofuscus).

Excelse is a more formally produced and light-hearted poetry, but also existential in nature, and meant to revolt more intense emotions within the reader.

Excelsic compositions are the following:
– First Pines;
Letter to Gustav;
Arpa Dios;
On The Nature of Hurt;
A Volt of Gaze/Day-breaker;
Noise, Peace;
Acid Etchings of Youth;

Ofuscus is a more informally, loose production with dark undertones and excessive visual overdraws. A more modernistic and thus, parataxic, form of poetry, it takes a tug-and-pull approach to structure and is volatile in nature.

Ofustic compositions are the following:
The Dispute;
– Moths Run The Apothecary;
A Breach in The System;
Pits of Salidon;
Crazed Playhouse;
– Procession;

A poem that does not fall within any category presented above can be assumed to make part of base Caliath XVII, without falling into any borders of either Excelse or Ofuscus. A poem with no link is yet to be published, but already exists within my archives.