My Grandmothers Carnations

I know this is not a photo blog, but I make a ton of references to my grandmothers carnations in my poetry, especially in True-Ultra, so I thought I would show you why they are so inspiring to me. They have received no editing and come directly from my lousy phone, so the quality might be lacking, but trust me, she has a beautiful garden. Everything about this place — the place where I grew up — is no less than magical. JOHNNY P.S: Check out Portuguese Artist Norberto Lobo, an instrumental marvel that also breaks the barriers of language and speaks directly to you, using only a single guitar and a great heart.

HOSMOSIS (english poetry)

My sexuality has always been a dodgy topic among my art creation. At times, I was uninterested in using it as fodder for poems, at others, I couldn’t find poetic fodder to feed a poem worthy of contemplation. Among a plethora of failed attempts at doing so, I did draw a composition that would eventually become “HOSMOSIS” (quite proud of the title, to be honest here). Being gay was never something I considered integral part of me, until I faced the reality of loving someone in a displayed fashion, as well as the reactions that would prompt. Thankfully, it didn’t only prompt bad reactions, it also prompted this poem, once of the few I can say I genuinely like and feel proud of. Also, officially the 50th english poem published on the blog. Thank you so much for allowing me to continue. With a lot of love, Johnny

Small Compositions (english poetry)

As I’m trying to make a deadline for portuguese poetry, haven’t had much time to write in English. However, I do have these three failed poems I wrote. These are concept sketches more-so than actual poems, later to be turned into actual poems, but I abandoned these out of disinterest for the concepts themselves. ´ JOHNNY