HOSMOSIS (english poetry)

My sexuality has always been a dodgy topic among my art creation. At times, I was uninterested in using it as fodder for poems, at others, I couldn’t find poetic fodder to feed a poem worthy of contemplation. Among a plethora of failed attempts at doing so, I did draw a composition that would eventually become “HOSMOSIS” (quite proud of the title, to be honest here). Being gay was never something I considered integral part of me, until I faced the reality of loving someone in a displayed fashion, as well as the reactions that would prompt. Thankfully, it didn’t only prompt bad reactions, it also prompted this poem, once of the few I can say I genuinely like and feel proud of. Also, officially the 50th english poem published on the blog. Thank you so much for allowing me to continue. With a lot of love, Johnny

Small Compositions (english poetry)

As I’m trying to make a deadline for portuguese poetry, haven’t had much time to write in English. However, I do have these three failed poems I wrote. These are concept sketches more-so than actual poems, later to be turned into actual poems, but I abandoned these out of disinterest for the concepts themselves. ┬┤ JOHNNY