A Dumb Exercise in Misery

         After months of arduously refining my poetics, there are still many subtle fields of necessary detail I’m yet to cover. The major — and hardest — is that is which most revered across our Art. The production of epics, akin to those of Dante’s Divine Comedy, or Homer’s Iliad, requires a level of poetic awareness that transcends mere foreshadowing. To tell an anchoring and complex story through verse, metered or not, is a huge challenge on its own. But I, your Johníssimo, have an innate hunger for my own chaos and misery, so I will try to craft myself an impish epic. Nothing the likes of those aforementioned. If I could write like Dante, I would be the first in living History to do so.          My respect for these authors is abound, they are much like guides — maybe even parents — to the way I inspect the elements of my reality, but it

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ATALANTA (english poetry)

To anyone that has truly explored my poetry, or has been here for a while, you would know I’m an enormous lover of Ancient Greece and it’s many tales. From those, a pletora of my poems have bloomed, and even some proses (in portuguese, for example, Psique), and some poems published here drawing from the subject (Thanatos & Baldur and Styx). These do not represent my “body of poems” which I would call purely of my making, but they serve as a great exercise in sound, structure and thematic for any young poet out there (including myself). It’s also great to refine certain specifics of your writing style. This new one was tons of fun to write, I’m always deeply entranced by this tale, and it’s divided in two parts, the other one to come later under the name of her consort (which I use to write from first view, Hippomenes). JOHNNY