Sudden drought of content.

I shall take to absent form over the next two weeks, but fear not, it is for a special reason.
In order to lighten the strain of maintaining the website, as well as perhaps purchase a microphone in order to start reading my compositions (and other poets’ works, so maybe a podcast) to you, I’ve decided to use my two-week work vacation – no, not to rest – but instead, to produce a manuscript with my best poems, a selection of sorts. Some will be new, some will be edited, and all will be accompanied individually with prose that explains the process of their making, similar prose to the one you see me publish here from time to time.

I plan to publish it as an eBook, and although I’m unsure of the amount of pages, they will likely surpass two-hundred, and I intend to make the eBook as cheap as virtually possible.

Along with a cover made by a designer and dear friend, and a lot of new content there, I hold hopes that at least someone will consider the purchase.

So, worry not! I will not vanish, I will just hide and then return with a modestly sized bang!

Edit: I also overhauled my Index Page, in order to make it easier to navigate through my previous content.

(in the meanwhile, Portugal is undergoing a huge heatwave with temperatures reaching the 46Cº – or 114 degrees in American – which is making life slightly painful and progress also slightly hindered)

I love you all,